1.1. Scope

The online wine sales site at the address (hereinafter the "Site") is set up and published by the company BLOC WINERY, registered under number 823 787 585 in the RCS of Libourne, whose registered office is located 1159 Route des Chapelles, 33570 Les Artigues-de-Lussac, France.

These general conditions of sale apply to all online sales of alcoholic beverages (namely wines, champagnes, spirits) and service accessories (hereinafter the “Products”), made directly on the site, by telephone or e-mail, between bwinery and any natural person aged 18 or over, contracting only for their personal use and for purposes not falling within the framework of their commercial, industrial, craft or liberal activity ( hereinafter the "Customer")

1.2. Acceptance of these general conditions of sale

The Customer is called upon to carry out a systematic and exhaustive reading of these general conditions of sale before any order. Any order through the bwinery site or acceptance of an offer from bwinery by telephone or by e-mail implies having previously consulted and unreservedly accepted all of these general conditions of sale.

bwinery reserves the right to adapt or modify its general conditions of sale at any time. The applicable general conditions of sale will be those that the Customer accepted and in force when placing the order and which are still accessible from the order confirmation email.

1.3. Validity

These general conditions of sale apply in mainland France. They prevail over any other different or contrary clause appearing in the documents, correspondence or orders of the Customer. Any deviation from these general conditions of sale must be subject to the prior, express and written acceptance of bwinery.

The fact that bwinery does not avail itself of one of the clauses of these general conditions of sale cannot be interpreted as a waiver of its use later.

In the event that one of the clauses of these general conditions of sale is declared null, illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the other clauses will remain in force and will continue to have full effect.


2.1. Product Description

bwinery meticulously designs its Product description sheets on the site to be as exhaustive as possible. The essential characteristics presented consist of a photograph of the Product, its label, and a detailed description. The list of products offered is regularly updated according to the vintages and seasons.

The Customer is invited to consult the description of each Product to know its characteristics. The description sheet is the only source of contractual information, it being specified that bwinery can update or complete the Product sheets at any time.

2.2. Product availability

Product offers remain valid within the limits of available stocks and bwinery reserves the right to apply restrictions on the desired quantities.

In the event of deferred availability of the Products beyond the delivery deadline indicated on the order confirmation, bwinery will suggest to the Customer either to cancel his order, to accept a Product of equivalent quality and price in accordance with available stocks, or to wait for the availability and delayed delivery of the ordered Product.

Upon receipt of the replacement Product, the Customer may exercise his right of return and any costs will be borne by bwinery.

In the event of definitive unavailability of one or more Products ordered not indicated on the Site, the Customer will be informed as soon as possible and will be able to cancel his order. In the event of cancellation of the order by the Customer, bwinery will reimburse the sums paid to the means of payment used for the order, within fourteen (14) days from the date of cancellation.

bwinery reserves the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to withdraw one or more Products from sale on the Site. Given the rare or speculative nature of certain products, bwinery reserves the right to apply restrictions on the quantities available, or even to refuse or cancel an order that deviates from the standard.

Discounts and promotions cannot be combined with each other and are limited to once per household (same name, same address). Promotional codes cannot be combined: only one code can be used per transaction.


3.1. Order process

Order via the Site

To place an order on the Site, the Customer fills in his "Basket" by clicking on the "Add" button for the Product selected on the site, from the Product description sheet clearly and legibly containing a photograph, references, characteristics. , the quantity and the price including VAT of the Product.

The Customer can choose as many Products as he wishes within the limit of available stock and the limit set at 18 bottles per order. After each click "Add", the Product will be added to the Customer's basket with a summary showing the Product with its photograph, the number of items, the unit amount including tax of the Product. The Customer is invited to continue shopping by pressing the "Continue shopping" button or to finalize their order by clicking on the "Go to cart" button.

By clicking on the "Go to cart" button at the end of his selection, the Customer can then view the details of his order with a reminder of the selected Products, quantities, unit prices and the total price excluding delivery costs and will have the possibility of making changes to their order (products, quantities), of continuing their selection by clicking on the "Continue shopping" button or of finalizing their order by clicking on "Continue".

To finalize the ordering process, the Customer must successively:

- enter their contact details and indicate their delivery and / or billing address;

- choose their delivery method;

- select their payment method and pay for their order.

Order by phone or email

After discussion between the parties to validate the Customer's needs, by phone or email, bwinery sends the Customer one or more proposals. As soon as the Customer has made his choice, bwinery establishes a quote which it sends to the Customer. All orders are deemed to be firm and definitive upon receipt by bwinery of the estimate accepted by the Customer, dated and signed with the mention “Bon pour Accord”.

3.2. Order confirmation

Once the order for Products has been made and confirmed by bwinery, the Customer receives an automatic confirmation email containing the invoice, these general conditions of sale and confirming the smooth progress of the purchase. To this end, the Customer accepts the use of email as confirmation by bwinery of the content of his order.

A delay in processing the order may occur in the following circumstances, without bwinery being held liable: the content of the Customer's basket contains an error, the contact details indicated in the form are incorrect, an error or alert message was generated by the online payment system, etc. In these circumstances, which are not exhaustive, bwinery Customer Service will contact the Customer directly to resolve the problem.

From the confirmation of the order by bwinery, the Customer is considered to have read and accepted without reservation the prices, volumes and quantities of Products ordered, as well as all of these general conditions of sale.

In accordance with Article L.213-1 of the Consumer Code, when the electronic sale involves an amount equal to or greater than 120 euros including tax, bwinery keeps the contractual documents for ten (10) years and guarantees their access to the Customer, who can consult them on request by email at the following address:

3.3. Order refusal and cancellation

It is specified that bwinery may refuse all or part of an order to a Customer if the quantity ordered or the frequency of its orders seems abnormal compared to the normal needs of private customers.

In particular, bwinery reserves the right to refuse any order (i) of more than 10 bottles of spirits, (ii) of 18 bottles of liqueur wine, (iii) of more than 18 bottles of wine.

bwinery also reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order from a Customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order or an objective suspicion of fraud.

In the event that, after ordering, a Product becomes totally or partially unavailable, bwinery will inform the Customer by email and give him the possibility of either delivering a Product of a quality and a price equivalent to the one ordered, or to refund the price of the Product.


4.1. Price

The prices mentioned on the Site are expressed in euros, duties included and all taxes included (TTC), excluding shipping costs. VAT is that in force on French territory at the time of placing the order. Prices do not include customs duties and import/export taxes for orders whose destination is located outside of France.

The prices of the Products are those appearing on the Site on the date of confirmation of the order by the Customer. bwinery reserves the right to modify the prices in force on the Site at any time. The new price will be automatically updated on the site, and the price change will be automatically applicable on the date of publication of the price change.

The Products are invoiced at a price all taxes included to which must be added the delivery costs applicable on the day of the order. Shipping costs vary depending on the type of transport and the place of delivery.

For all deliveries in mainland France (Including Corsica) the shipping costs are as follows:

DPD RELAIS 01_12 9.90 €
PREDICT 01_18 15.00 €
LIEU DE TRAVAIL 01_18 12.00 €
DPD RELAIS 01_12 9,9 + 1EURO/BT
PREDICT 01_18 15+1 EURO/BT

For any delivery outside mainland France, bwinery sends the Customer a tailor-made quote depending on the weight of the order, the carrier chosen and the place of delivery (country or DOM / TOM).

PAYS ZONE 1 2 3 4 5 6
Allemagne Belgique, Luxembourg , Pays Bas 1 25.00 € 32.00 €
Autriche, Espagne , Grande Bretagne ,Italie 2 29.00 € 37.00 €
Suisse *; Liechtenstein* avec taxe douanières avec taxe douanières de 35,07 par colis 2 29 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 37 plus taxe douanieres 35,07
Danemark , Hongrie , Irlande , Pologne , République Tchèque, Slovaquie, Slovénie 3 35.00 € 49.00 €
Andorre , Portugal avec taxe douanières de 35,07 par colis 3 35 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 49 plus taxe douanieres 35,07
Croatie, Estonie, Lettonie , Lituanie, Suède 4 37.00 € 54.00 €
Finlande, Bulgarie, Bosnie, Roumanie, Serbie, Norvège , Ukraine 5 47.00 € 65.00 €
Grèce , Bosnie, Serbie, Norvège , Ukraine avec taxe douanières de 35,07 par colis 5 47 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 65 plus taxe douanieres 35,07

1mag 3,5kgmag 3 10,5 kgmag 6 21 kg
PAYS ZONE 22.00 € 32.00 € 45.00 €
Allemagne, Belgique, Luxembourg , Pays Bas 1 26.00 € 39.00 € 53.00 €
Autriche, Espagne , Grande Bretagne ,Italie 2 26 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 39 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 53 plus taxe douanieres 35,07
Suisse *; Liechtenstein* avec taxe douanières avec taxe douanières de 35,07 par colis 2 34.00 € 49.00 € 64.00 €
Danemark , Hongrie , Irlande , Pologne , République Tchèque, Slovaquie,Slovénie 3 34 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 49 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 64 plus taxe douanieres 35,07
Andorre , Portugal avec taxe douanières de 35,07 par colis 3 37.00 € 53.00 € 58.00 €
Croatie, Estonie, Lettonie , Lituanie, Suède 4 46.00 € 64.00 € 82.00 €
Finlande, Bulgarie, Bosnie, Roumanie, Serbie, Norvège , Ukraine 5 46 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 64 plus taxe douanieres 35,07 82 plus taxe douanieres 35,07
Grèce , Bosnie, Serbie, Norvège , Ukraine avec taxe douanières de 35,07 par colis 5

For Exclusive Products, the free delivery does not apply. These Products are subject to specific delivery rates, depending on the type of order and guaranteeing the protection of the wooden crates. The delivery prices will be communicated to the Customer by post and by email when the Products concerned are marketed.

The price is paid in full when ordering. The payment of the full amount of the order will be made at the time of final validation of the order. Any delivery to the carrier is conditional on the prior and full payment of the goods ordered and the transport costs.

4.2. Payment terms

Payment for purchases made on the Site or by phone or email can be made as follows:

- Payment by credit card: The entry of banking information is done via a secure online payment platform named Payplug (of the bank Natixis), which is PCI DSS certified ( (the strictest security standard on the processing and storage of bank data). Indeed, this platform uses “3D Secure”, the authentification system of the card owner.

- Paypal payment: bwinery solicits the online payment services of Paypal which guarantee the highest possible data encryption. It is specified that the funds will be received by bwinery only after possible verification of the payment by Paypal.

- Payment with the balance of points accumulated as part of the bwinery loyalty program. Payment by points does not apply to exclusive wines.

- Payment by bank transfer to the bwinery bank account with the following references:

Payments by check are not accepted.

The Customer declares that he is authorized to use his bank account for the payment of his order and that he has sufficient funds to process said order.

The invoice will be sent by email to the Customer after receipt of the amount of the order.

Late payments

Any sum that will not be paid on the due date will automatically imply, without prior notice, a penalty at the legal interest rate in force. bwinery will then require the Customer to pay compensation proportional to the costs incurred.

4.3. Supporting documents

In order to limit fraud, bwinery reserves the right, before confirming an order, to ask the Customer to justify his identity, date of birth, place of residence and the means of payment used. In this case, the order will be processed upon receipt of these documents. bwinery reserves the right to cancel the order in the absence of receipt of such supporting documents or receipt of supporting documents deemed non-compliant.


bwinery expressly reserves ownership of the Products, object of the sale, until full payment by the Customer of the price and its effective collection by bwinery.

Thus, the sale will not be considered effective until payment has been confirmed. If the payment is refused by the bank, the order will be automatically canceled and the Customer will be notified by email.


6.1. Delivery

When confirming his order, the Customer is invited to choose the delivery method of the Products. Several delivery methods are possible:

- Normal: By choosing “Normal” mode, the Customer receives his order within five (5) working days within the limit of available stocks as well as the limit of 18 bottles per order; and after final validation of his order by bwinery.

- Fast: By choosing the "Fast" mode, and for any order placed before 12:00 noon from Monday to Thursday, the Customer receives his order within seventy-two (72) working hours, within the limit of available stocks as well as the limit of 18 bottles per order; and after final validation of his order by bwinery.

- Express: By choosing the "Express" mode, the Customer receives his order the same day, if the order was placed from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4:30 pm.

- Store delivery: By choosing the "Store delivery" mode, the Customer picks up their order from BLOC WINERY during store opening hours, after receiving an email of availability within three (3) working days after confirmation of his order. The Customer must go to the reception of the physical store of BLOC WINERY with his order confirmation. He has a period of one (1) month to cancel his order, from the dispatch of the email informing him of the availability of his order in the store. After this period, orders will be repatriated to BLOC WINERY's central warehouse and unit storage costs will be billed at € 0.025 including tax per day and per bottle. The Customer must then contact Customer Service to organize a new provision of his order in the store.

Delivery times are indicative and run from the verification of customer data by bwinery. Any delay in delivery may not justify order cancellation, damages, deductions or penalties for the benefit of the Customer. bwinery invites the Customer to report any delay in delivery in relation to the delivery date indicated on the order confirmation, in order to enable him to start an investigation with the carrier. bwinery will keep the Customer informed of the outcome of the investigation and ensure that the Customer receives his order as soon as possible.

In any event, on-time delivery only occurs when the Customer has provided bwinery with complete and accurate information on the recipient's contact details. The Products are delivered to the address indicated when ordering by the Customer, who remains fully responsible for the quality and accuracy of the information provided.

Indeed, the information communicated by the Customer when ordering is binding on the latter. In the event of an error in the wording of the recipient's contact details or the Customer's change of address, bwinery cannot be held responsible for the inability to deliver the Product.

6.2. Reception

Upon receipt of the Products, the Customer must check the conformity and the status of his order and notify bwinery, if applicable, of all useful reservations concerning any apparent defects (missing or non-conforming product, damaged package, etc. .) by e-mail, with supporting evidence, to the following e-mail address: within 3 days of receipt of the Products. For hand deliveries, with or without signature, reservations and anomalies must also be mentioned on the delivery note.

The Customer is responsible for providing proof of the existence of defects or non-compliance of the products he alleges, in the event of a defect found on the Products attributable to poor transport or storage conditions.

6.3. Exchange of a product

In the event that the products ordered are out of stock, bwinery may suggest to the customer to replace them, with his agreement, either with another vintage or with an equivalent wine.

In the event that the Customer reports and then finds a lack of conformity by bwinery, the latter will replace the products with the same product or equivalent product, in accordance with article L.211-9 of the Consumer Code.


7.1. General principle

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Product (s) ordered on the site, by telephone or by email within fourteen (14) days of receipt of his order by the designated person or another person who has taken physically possession of the property.

To exercise his right of withdrawal, the Customer must notify bwinery of his decision to withdraw by returning, before the expiry of the 14-day period, the form annexed to these general conditions of sale, duly completed, or by post at the following address: Bloc Winery , 1159 Route des Chapelles, 33570 Les Artigues-de-Lussac, France Or by e-mail at the following e-mail address :

After exercising his right of withdrawal, the Customer must return the new Product (s), intact and not unsealed, in their original packaging, at the latest within fourteen (14) days following the date of sending of his letter or email of withdrawal, the cost of returning the Product (s) remaining at his expense. Any Product thus returned must be accompanied by the delivery slip received in the package or the invoice received by email when confirming the order and shipping the package.

Upon receipt of the returned Product (s), bwinery undertakes to reimburse the Customer in full for the price of the returned Product (s), by crediting the bank card used by the Customer, or by bank transfer depending on the payment method used for the initial transaction.

Effects of withdrawal

In the event of withdrawal from this contract by the Customer, bwinery will reimburse all payments received, including standard delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs arising from the fact that the Customer uses an Express delivery method, which will not be not returned to the Customer) without undue delay and no later than fourteen days from the day on which bwinery will be informed of the Customer's decision to withdraw from this contract.

The goods must be returned to the address which will appear on the header of the invoice for the bwinery order no later than fourteen days after having communicated the decision to withdraw. This period is deemed to have been met if the goods are returned before the expiration of the fourteen day period.

The Customer will have to bear the direct costs of returning the goods (a flat rate of 17 euros excluding tax to which is added on average 2.37 euros excluding tax per bottle for mainland France).

The Customer's liability is only engaged with respect to the depreciation of the goods resulting from handling other than those necessary to assess the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the goods.

By virtue of the exception provided for in point 7 of article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, (Supply of alcoholic beverages whose delivery is deferred beyond thirty days and whose value agreed at the conclusion of the contract depends on fluctuations in the market beyond the control of the professional) the right of withdrawal is excluded from contracts for the sale of early wines.

7.2. Exceptions

As an exception, concerning products subject to personalization or a specific request from the Customer when ordering, the provisions of Article L. 121-20-2, 3 ° of the Consumer Code apply and deprive the customer of his 14-day withdrawal period and return of personalized goods except for defect or engraving error.

bwinery reserves the right to refuse reimbursement in the event of depreciation of the Product (s) resulting from handling other than those necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and good condition of the Product (s).

It is specified that only Products returned in a condition allowing them to be put back on sale by bwinery will be accepted. Consequently, returned Products that have been opened, unsealed or whose label has been damaged, which are incomplete, spoiled, damaged or soiled will not be taken back. Any Product that has undergone a transformation will not be refunded or exchanged.


For any complaint relating to a defect in the Products delivered, an inaccuracy in the quantities or erroneous references compared to the confirmation of the order, B- WINERY invites the Customer to contact Customer Service by e-mail at the address within seventy-two (72) hours from receipt of the Products.

The Customer has a period of five (5) working days from the delivery of the Products to return non-compliant Products to bwinery Customer Service. Any non-compliant Product must be returned in its original packaging, not unsealed, accompanied by a copy of the invoice and any other document that may be provided.

The maximum period of action for the legal guarantee of conformity is two (2) years from the delivery of the Products. The Customer may choose between replacing the non-conforming Products with a similar or equivalent product. It is specified that the defects of conformity which appear within a period of twenty-four (24) months from the delivery of the Product are presumed to exist at the time of delivery, unless proven otherwise.

In the absence of a possible replacement, bwinery will then offer the Customer either the cancellation of the order and the reimbursement of the sums paid, or the retention of the Products and a partial refund of the price. bwinery will bear the STANDARD delivery costs or the Product (s) ordered and delivered, as well as the possible standard delivery of another Product.

Reimbursement or any credit notes (including return costs) are established upon receipt of the Products whose non-compliance has been duly noted and accepted by bwinery.


The elements published on the Site, such as texts, comments, sounds, videos, illustrations, photographs and images reproduced or represented on the Site, as well as the corporate names, brands, logos and other distinctive signs being on the Site is strictly prohibited and is likely to represent an infringement that may engage the civil and criminal liability of its author.


In the event of the Customer's breach of one of his obligations under these general conditions of sale, bwinery reserves the right, after simple observation of this breach notified to the Customer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to proceed immediately upon termination of the sale, without prejudice to any damages.


bwinery's obligations will be suspended in the event of force majeure for as long as the circumstances generating this force majeure event last, as defined by law and the jurisprudence of French courts. Failure to comply with the resulting delivery schedule can in no way be attributable to either party or justify any early termination of the order.


Personal data collected

All the information indicated by the Customer during his visits to the Site and / or the placing of orders are strictly confidential. This information is necessary to finalize the processing of operations, inter alia the management of orders as well as the commercial relations maintained with the Customer.

bwinery collects the Personal Data provided by the Customer when creating his personal account, namely: name, first name, date of birth, gender, e-mail address.

bwinery collects and processes the following Personal Data:

- The following Data relating to the follow-up of the Customer's commercial relationship with bwinery: products ordered, quantity, amount, frequency, delivery and / or invoicing address (es), telephone number, digicode, as well as any other relevant information on delivery (tracking number, shipment status, etc.), purchase history, return of products, correspondence and / or telephone exchanges between the Customer and bwinery's after-sales service, customer exchanges and comments , person (s) in charge of customer relations, etc.

The collection and processing of this Personal Data on the Site are mainly intended to allow the management of the Customer's orders. The collection and transmission of certain Personal Data is mandatory and others optional, and indicated as such in the collection forms available on the Site.

In addition, bwinery also collects and processes Personal Data relating to the navigation and behavior of the Customer on the Site (namely the IP address, the pages visited, etc.)


A cookie is a file deposited by a publisher on the terminal allowing access to the Site (through computer, smartphone, tablet).

Cookies deposited by bwinery

In order to improve your browsing on our Site, cookies are placed on your computer, mobile or tablet. The cookies issued by bwinery on the Site are used to recognize the user's terminal when they connect to our Site to:

- Adapt the presentation of the bwinery Site to the display preferences of the chosen terminal (display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during user visits depending on the hardware and software for viewing or reading available to the terminal.

- Allow the user access to reserved and personal areas on the Site, such as his personal account, on the basis of the information he provided when creating his account. The user accesses by this means personalized content or which is reserved for him.

- Memorize the information provided by the user in a form on the Site bwinery (access to your account / your preferences).

- Implement security measures, for example when the user is asked to log in after a certain period of time.


These general conditions of sale, as well as the acts which result from them, are subject to French law, even if the Customer is of foreign nationality subject to the mandatory provisions of the law of the country where the Customer has his habitual residence if it is located on the territory of the European Union.

Any dispute that may arise between bwinery and the Customer relating to the validity, interpretation or execution of these general conditions of sale and its consequences, which could not have been settled amicably within a period of one months, will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts, even in the event of a guarantee call or multiple defendants.


14.1.Delivery times

DPD makes its best efforts to ensure that the parcels entrusted to it are sent from the sender to the final recipient within 24/48 working hours (D + 24-48 hours) (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are excluded from the calculation of time limits. ), in accordance with the transport plan defined on the date of signature of the Contract for shipments concerning the national territory.

For the Predict delivery solution, available in mainland France, the delivery time is subject to the transmission by the Customer of EDI data and determined by the delivery dates and time slots offered by DPD chosen by the recipient customer. An additional day may be required for islands, destinations where traffic is subject to easements or restrictions (pedestrian zone, port area, market, etc.), high mountain localities (list provided on request) and for those who present particular constraints.

Delivery times are generally one (1) to six (6) working days (D + 1 to 6) (excluding customs delays) for foreign countries served by road and two (2) to eight (8) working days (D + 2 to 8) (excluding customs delays) for foreign countries served by air depending on the destinations. Also, the departure and arrival dates that may be communicated by DPD are only indicative.

14.2.Delivery – Receptionn

  • General provisions

Delivery is made between the hands of the consignee designated on the transport document or on specific instruction given to DPD, the third party designated by the consignee acting in his name and on his behalf upon signature of the consignee or of the authorized third party on the transport document.

If the recipient is absent, a calling card mentions the information needed to collect the package. The package will be kept for ten (10) working days (D + 10) in the delivery agency designated on the transit advice note before being returned to the sender.

In the absence of information concerning the door code or incorrect information, the package will be stored for ten (10) working days (D + 10) pending updated information from the sender.

The recipient making the withdrawal himself from the DPD delivery agency must prove his identity. If the withdrawal is made by a third party not mentioned on the transport document, he must imperatively present a valid power of attorney, the recipient's identity document (or a Kbits less than three (3) months from the recipient s 'it is a legal person) as well as their own identity document.

A second presentation can be provided on simple request to the recipient's address or on a paid option chosen by the Customer, at the Pickup Relay designated by the recipient.

In the event of an incorrect address or a refused package, DPD undertakes to notify the sender (Customer) who will have to give new instructions as soon as possible, the package being kept for five (5) working days (D + 5) in the branch. delivery person appointed to the Customer before being returned to the sender.

For any other impediment to delivery, subject to the reason for non-delivery, the package will be returned to the DPD delivery agency. It will be represented the next day or on another date indicated by the sender or the recipient.

  • Special provisions applicable to deliveries in Relais Pickup and Predict

The day of the arrival of his parcel in the Pickup Relay, the recipient is notified by sending an SMS and / or an email according to the option chosen by the Customer.

The package remains pending in the Pickup Relay for nine (9) calendar days from the day after its arrival. If the recipient fails to receive it within this period, it is automatically returned to the sender and invoiced according to the weight of the package weighed when it is returned.

Le destinataire devra présenter le numéro du colis ainsi qu’une pièce d'identité́ lors du retrait de son colis au Relais Pickup. Si le retrait est effectué́ par un tiers non mentionné sur le document de transport, il doit impérativement présenter une procuration en bonne et due forme, la pièce d'identité́ du destinataire (ou un Kbits de moins de trois (3) mois du destinataire s'il s'agit d'une personne morale) ainsi que sa propre pièce d'identité́.

The recipient must present the parcel number as well as an identity document when collecting their parcel at Relais Pickup. If the withdrawal is made by a third party not mentioned on the transport document, he must imperatively present a valid power of attorney, the recipient's identity document (or a Kbits less than three (3) months from the recipient s 'it is a legal person) as well as its own identity document. To allow the recipient to track the package, information relating to the receipt of the package by the recipient and in particular his signature collected on the PDA will be available on the site

  • Common provisions

Upon delivery, the damage or spoliations noted on the goods must be the subject of written, precise, complete, quantified, dated and signed reservations on the part of the recipient. Otherwise, the goods are deemed to have been delivered in good condition.

It is expressly agreed between the Parties that the digitized signature affixed by the recipient on the tracking computer terminal (PDA) presented, as the case may be, by DPD during the delivery of the goods or by the Relais Pickup during the collection of the parcel presents the same legal value than a traditional signature on paper.

The recipient's personal data and his signature, as well as any reproduction of said signature, will prove the delivery of the packages concerned.


In the event of partial loss or damage, the recipient of the shipment must note the loss and / or damage during delivery, specifying on the paper delivery slip or the electronic transport ticket on the computer terminal with which the driver is equipped or the Pickup Relay depending on the product concerned, precise, complete, quantified, dated and signed reservations.

For national transport, it is the recipient's responsibility to confirm said reservations by notifying DPD's dedicated customer service (the "Customer Service") of a reasoned protest by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in order to complete the reservations made during delivery, specifying clearly and precisely the exact nature and quantum of the loss or damage at the latest within three (3) working days (not counting Sundays and holidays, following the day of receipt), from the date of receipt delivery.

Only concealed damage (hidden damage) can be notified to DPD, at the latest within seven (7) working days from the day after delivery for international road transport and within fourteen (14) working days from the day after delivery for intercontinental air transport.


If the costs relating to general operating conditions, linked to factors beyond the control of DPD or bwinery, and in particular the price of fuel, evolve unfavorably for DPD during the financial year, DPD will reserve the right to update its pricing conditions (art. 18 of the standard contract - decree n ° 2017-461 of March 31, 2017 and art. 38 of law n ° 2008- 776 of August 4, 2008).


DPD is part of a program to offset its greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions linked to its activity of collecting, sorting and delivering parcels entrusted by bwinery to an approved third party organization.


DPD performs computer processing for the performance of transport activities, parcel tracking and recipient delivery notification, including personal data transmitted by bwinery concerning its recipient customers.

These Data are subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended, to the European regulations in force and in particular to the European Regulation 2016/679, and to the recommendations of the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms (“CNIL”) (hereinafter together the “Applicable Regulations”).

For any information concerning the processing of your personal data by DPD France, please contact customer service.


For any information, complaint or question relating to these general conditions of sale, the Customer can contact bwinery Customer Service at the following coordinates:

- by phone (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.): 05 57 56 40 90

- by email: