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Sparkling wine

A sparkling wine is a wine containing a concentration of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) sufficient to give it bubbles and foam when opening the bottle and a tingling sensation once in the mouth. It is thus opposed to still wines.

There are three main types of Sparkling Wines: Perlant, Petillant and Mousseux.

- A pearling (or pearl) wine is a slightly sparkling wine, generally obtained by bottling before degassing after fermentation or after vinification on stuck lees, such as certain Muscadets, Gaillacs or Savoie wines.

- A Petillant wine is a sparkling wine with a higher CO2 content than a sparkling wine. It retains the tingling sensation provided by the presence of dissolved gas longer in the mouth.

- A Mousseux wine is, of sparkling wines, the one which contains the highest CO2 content. Many bubbles form as soon as the bottle is opened and apparent foam forms in abundance when served in a glass.

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